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I'm happy you are here. Please excuse the mess, I'm in the middle of renovating here on the blog. More fabulousness will be arriving shortly. Stay tuned.

The 101 Journey Continues….

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  As of today I have 661 days left before I finish my 101 Adventures 'Til 30. Created to challenge me, inspire me, force growth, and has definitely lived up to the hype. I've gotten into a habit of reviewing the goals each month and plotting what I can accomplish in those short 30, or Continue Reading


I've officially taken the plunge and launched my production house. It is crazy to think I'm an entrepreneur and the only person I report to, it myself. Last July I left my job at "the intersection of media, marketing, and technology," to focus on pursuing my ultimate career goal: Social Media Continue Reading

Music Inspires Me


I had to drive to Vegas last week for a conference and during that boring 4+ hour drive I listened to one of my favorite DJ groups and found myself inspired all over again. If you've never listened to Krewella, I beg you to pull them up on Spotify and give them a listen. I hope they Continue Reading

January + February Goals

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I'm back from Sundance Film Festival and stunned that is it already the first Friday of February. How did that happen? Seriously, where did the time go. Today I finally had the chance to sit down and review my January goals plus decide on my February goals. Back in December I attended a Continue Reading

28 Random Things About MandaVision


In 10 days I will turn 28 and it freaks me out a little. Just enough to make me get my ass in gear and start dreaming even bigger! 2015 is shaping up to be another great year of learning, self discovery, and exploring the world around me. I haven’t really blogged much in the last 6 months, so I Continue Reading

Just Around the River Bend

“There is only one thing that makes a

Dreams are a funny thing. Whether they happen during the coveted REM sleep, during a particularly boring meeting or playing with dolls as a child, they can and will consume you. Dreams change, grow and adapt to mirror what is going around you. Feeding on your stress, drinking in your insecurities Continue Reading